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Hi, I’m Mert¬†(21) ūüôā

This is my digitial portfolio

that  includes my 

recent works.

Here is some information about me



Istek Ulugbey Science Higshcool (Scholarship)

Hudson College Toronto

University of Sydney ‚ĒÉ Mechatronics Engineering – Dropped Out

IED Milano Product Design ‚Ēɬ† Winner of The Scholarship Competition

NABA Milano Product Design (2nd year transfer)


Software Skills



Pros & Cons

some aspects of mine to understand what to expect from me

Have multiple projects going at a time

Try to be the best in whatever I’m focused on

Growth addict

Want to be different from all aspects

Open for new fields to learn constantly

Don’t hesitate while starting¬† a plan once the path is clear¬†

Diciplined not skipping already set habits

Organized big working teams in the past

Might not finish each and every project 

Can’t tolerate distraction

Probably will think about a solution non stop until I find one 

Not precise in manual labour tasks

Bad memorising skills

Allergic to cats


        I started my 3D learning journey back in 2019 with the reason of being more efficient and quick. Learning about online NFT art galleries motivated me to dive deeper with all kinds of simulations and animations. I created my first art page, flemmevandam, to display my creations. I crown my works by getting invited to Foundation by another artist to showcase my work. 

        The Anti Ape Association is a project that I founded after gaining extensive experience in the web3 space. The project involved a team of 20 full-time workers and 47 part-time staff members who worked tirelessly to ensure its success.Thanks to all the hard work, the project was able to amass over 100,000 followers across all platforms and sold 388 unique art works.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† The development of the artworks and smart contract took me 8 months to complete, culminating in a successful project released on December 16th, 2021. Throughout the project’s duration, which spanned a period of 4 months, we faced numerous challenges, but our dedication overcome them all.¬†

        The name of our brand, the Anti Ape Association, was chosen as a direct response to the current trend of using ape imagery in NFT art. While we appreciate the success of other brands such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, we wanted to create something different that would stand out from the rest. Our rejection of the same art style was not only reflected in our brand name, but also in the artwork itself. Instead of the typical 2D sketched illustrations, our artworks were rendered in high definition realism, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in the NFT space. At the Anti Ape Association, we strive to be innovative and forward-thinking, rejecting the norm to create something truly unique and special. We believe that our brand name and artwork embody this spirit

        everythingbelongstoyou  is a project that has been built for 3 years now. All the creative outputs including branding and imagery made by me.  


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Ultimately, the idea that “everything belongs to you” can be seen as a way of empowering oneself to take responsibility for their own life and to embrace the present moment with a sense of gratitude and openness. Clothing pieces allow individuals to express themselves in their own unique way, the brand could inspire people to take ownership of their lives and create the future they want for themselves.

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Biomaterial Experiment

        Grass Based Biomaterial is my first ever written book that I compose for others to follow and achieve the same result as mine for their projects. In this book, reader can find out about the experiment results recipes, tools needed and experiences that I gained. My work with the grass-based biomaterial is grounded in sustainability principles that align with those of the circular economy. Throughout the development process, I considered the material and its potential applications with an eye towards responsible usage. One of the potential uses for the material is as modular wall coverings for interior projects, reflecting both its aesthetic appeal and its eco-friendly origins.. With this knowledge one can create their own version without any further experimentation. You can download the digital version from here.

This project is made as requested from the university. Task is to create a new lamp series for the brand INGO MAURER. 

28 Feb 2023

The¬†“Wear Me”¬†series aims to bring attention to what’s overlooked. They bring character to the space that’s in and make it playful and recognizable. The application area is preferably club bathrooms

Outdoor Furniture set

The new outdoor furniture family requested to be upgraded and restyled. Shown design is flat packed, into (H)200mm x (D)750mm x (W)330mm per armchair more specifically, and fulfilled each and every requirement which includes:

  • Modularity
  • Stackable
  • No visible screws
  • Easy assembly (no need for the user to get under the structure)

Companies That I Worked For

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